Exhibitions and flower shows are exciting adventures.  First, entering is a way of sharing your designs with the public.  Sometimes it is scary to put yourself out there for evaluation by others, but it can be rewarding when they like it.  I have exhibited at local exhibitions and flower shows as well as at Ikebana International conferences around the world.  When traveling, I either bring my container and plant material or buy them at the site.

Chairing exhibitions and flower shows is a love of mine.  For a garden club flower show the committee must be formed, the schedule written, the staging and floor plan arranged, the exhibitors found and prepared and the judges and guests cared for.  The progress from idea to reality is exciting and rewarding.  I chaired several Schenectady County garden clubs flower shows in upstate New York. Ikebana shows have similar preparations, but the exhibitors have more freedom to express their own creative ideas.  There may be a theme, but no schedule is written.  I have chaired the Ikebana Show at Tower Hill Botanic Garden several times.

Ikebana International, Boston, Massachusetts

Ikebana International at Tower Hill, Mass.

Ikebana International, Boston, Mass.

Ikebana International, Hong Kong

Ikebana International at Tower Hill, Mass.

New England Spring Flower Show, Boston, Mass.

Garden Club Competition

Ikebana International North and Central American Regional Conference, Dallas, Texas

Ikebana International World Conference, Okinawa, Japan

North American Sogetsu Seminar, Waikiki, Hawaii