I do flower arranging demonstrations on Ikebana as well as Creative Design for garden clubs and other groups.  I am willing to travel.

Sogetsu teachers arrange from behind so the audience can experience the arrangement being constructed as if they were doing it.  The audience will  hear me explain the choices I make while I am arranging.  Viewers can see all the stages of creation in addition to the finished design.

Judges’ Council in Washington D.C. area

When I plan a local program, I survey our garden and visit the flower market to choose plant material that speaks to me with possibilities.  I come home and commune with my containers to see what might work.  I practice constructing the arrangements.  Then I pack up for bringing the buckets of plant material and bags of containers and tools to the venue.

When I do a demonstration that is far from home, I cannot take everything with me as I would in a local demo.  Instead, I ask for photos of the containers I might borrow at the destination and information about available plant material.  I arrive a day or two early to develop the designs with the involvement of assistants from the host organization.  During this time, I might visit members’ gardens to cut branches and flowers.  The creative experience of planning a demo with others is exciting.

State Garden Club Meeting, Massachusetts

Sogetsu Group, Bonita Springs, Florida

Ikebana International, Naples, Florida

Museum of Fine Arts, Massachusetts

Sogetsu Branch, Ottawa, Canada

Sarasota Garden Club, Florida

Tower Hill Flower Show, Massachusetts

Ikebana International, Columbus, Ohio

Ikebana International, Melbourne, Florida

Ikebana International, Columbus, Ohio

Ikebana International, Toronto, Canada

Creative Floral Arrangers of the Americas, Orlando, Florida