Sogetsu Ikebana students study basic designs first and then try creative free style.  I teach a multi-level class where beginners work along side advanced students.  At the start of class, I demonstrate the lessons for both groups.  At the end of class, I critique the students’ works to help all better understand the lesson.  

In-person Classes

I teach at my home outside of Boston, at Tower Hill Botanic Garden,  and in upstate New York where I used to live.  As flower arranging is a three-dimensional art, it is helpful for students to have in-person classes when they are beginners.

Zoom Classes

 I teach mostly one-on-one classes via Zoom, with occasional teachers observing and participating.  It is wonderful to be able to teach students who live far away, or while they are at their vacation homes. I am also a registered teacher with the North & Central American Region (NCAR) of Ikebana International.

A Freestyle Design

A Basic Upright Moribana

A Basic Upright Nageire Reversed

A Freestyle Mass Design

A Morimomo Design

 A Freestyle Vegetable Design

A Freestyle Vine Design

A Freestyle Japanese Narcissis Design

A Freestyle Vine Design

A Freestyle Design of Green Plant Material